Sewer Reimbursement

The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program

The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program went into effect January 2, 2013 to aid eligible Little Rock domestic customers with the cost for total replacement of their sewer service line by reimbursing up to a maximum of $2,500.00.

This Program is an ongoing effort to reduce inflow and infiltration that increases the cost of sanitary sewer collection and treatment as well as the customer’s monthly bill.

How Does It Work?

Once the domestic customer has been made aware of the need for a total service line replacement by either their own investigation or are notified as a result of smoke testing by LRWRA, the domestic customer can then request a Sewer Service Line Replacement Program application from LRWRA. When LRWRA receives the application, LRWRA will make a site visit to determine if the domestic customer’s service line qualifies for this program. If it does, the next step is for the domestic customer or a licensed Master Plumber to obtain a permit and then begin the work. Once the work is completed, LRWRA will be called for the final inspection. If the work that was completed passes the LRWRA inspection, the domestic customer will then submit all invoices including plumbers invoice and LRWRA Permit Fees if applicable to LRWRA. LRWRA will then issue a reimbursement check back to the domestic customer for up to maximum of $2,500.00.

For a Step-by-step explanation of how this work, along with necessary documents, forms and even a FAQ section, please CLICK HERE.