SID 7 & 239

SID #7 – SID #239: What’s the Difference?

The differences between various Improvement Districts and Property Owners Association can be confusing and often hard to understand. Below is an summary of each of Spring Valley Manor’s Improvement Districts. We hope this helps with any questions you may have and eliminate the confusion between them.

Sewer Improvement District No. 239 (SID #239)

What is the Suburban Sewer Improvement District  No. 239 of Pulaski County?

The Suburban Sewer Improvement District  No. 239 (SID #239) is authorized by Arkansas statues and administered by the County. The SID #239 was formed in the mid 1970's to repair and maintain Spring Valley Manor subdivision's original sewer system, which at the time was badly in need of repair.  A loan was obtained from Arkansas Natural Resources Commission to cover all necessary repairs, as well as build the required line(s) to tie into the City of Little Rock's sewer lines.

In early 2000, the City of Little Rock took over the responsibility for repair of maintenance of the sewer system.  Because of this, the SID #239 is no longer responsible for Spring Valley Manor's sewer system repair and maintenance. However, the SID #239 cannot dissolve  until the loan is paid off. The maturity date of the loan is June 1, 2029, and cannot be paid off early  due to penalties.

Spring Valley Manor has given permission for other developments to "tie" into our existing sewer line for a fee.  Although our loan cannot be paid off early, these fees will allow the SID #239 to reduce assessments 4-5 years early.

The County Assessor collects the Special Improvement Tax in addition to your personal property tax. The Special Improvement Tax you pay includes both SID #7 and SID #239.

Sewer Improvement District  No. 239 (SID #239)
Chairperson; Mark Lyons
Commissioner Cathi Watkins; Secretary/Treasurer